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Enemy Tanks Attacked At Midnight

Green Berets Fought Back

By Dawn They Were Trapped Underground

Time Was Bleeding Out

The Legendary Battle Of The Vietnam War

At A Special Forces Camp Called

Lang Vei

Screenplay - Route 9 Problem
Screenplay - Route 9 Problem

National Medal of Honor Day salutes Eugene Ashley, Jr., the hero of the battle for Lang Vei.

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— William R. Phillips

Author of Night of the Silver Stars: The Battle of Lang Vei

Dave Stockwell has done an excellent job putting together so many different points of view and making them blend into the true story that will live as long as the US Army has soldiers that proudly wear the Green Beret.


— Gary Linderer

US Army Ranger Hall of Fame and Author of The Eyes of the Eagle and Others on Vietnam

A masterpiece! The hair-raising account of the renowned fight will leave you feeling you were there. When enemy tanks breach the perimeter wire at start of the battle, you’ll break out in a sweat. Route 9 Problem—The Battle for Lang Vei is a must-read for every Viet Nam veteran and for anyone else who needs a good dose of patriotism.

— Victor and Emmanuel Holman

Victor is a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel and Somalia Veteran, and his son Emmanuel is a US Army Captain, and Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran

One of the most outstanding books we have read, Route 9 Problem delivers an honest rendering of that conflict in the words of those who fought. By showcasing each branch of the service’s unique capabilities, Stockwell provides a fresh and thoughtful look at Lang Vei’s enduring truths of leading, planning, and showing courage in combat.